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We Are Here To Put You In Control

Often, no one is better at resolving the family law conflicts you may become embroiled in than yourself, and what you need most is a professional to guide you through the process and help you negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement. At the law firm of Morse Law Group, our attorneys believe strongly in the collaborative method of conflict resolution to help mediation clients formalize a divorce. The truth is that most family law conflicts including custody issues, guardianships and even complicated financial property issues can be resolved through mediation.

Sometimes working together to negotiate a solution makes the most sense. Our founding attorney, Judith A. Morse, has helped clients throughout her career facilitate agreements utilizing her mediation and collaboration training as well as her experience as a settlement judge for Maricopa County.

Making Mediation Work For You

Like collaborative divorce, mediation is an alternative dispute resolution format that avoids adversarial litigation, and more often than not leads to a more positive outcome for everyone affected by the family law conflict. Our office has seen many cases in family law, and we know from experience that couples who are able to work together to settle a divorce or conflict, despite how difficult that may be, usually find the results better in almost every respect. Like any divorce, mediation still requires you to address issues such as property division, spousal maintenance, child support and custody, but instead of having the state or a judge make the decisions, you are in charge.

Charting A Complicated Course

Mediation not only gives you the opportunity to control the outcome of your discussions and leaves you better able to maintain relationships, participating in mediation: 

  • Is more cost-effective

  • Gives you ultimate control so you can avoid handing decision-making over to a judge who doesn’t know you or your family

  • Tends to be faster

  • Can be much simpler

  • Allows more flexible and “outside the box” solutions


Contact our office to find out if we can put the benefits of mediation to work for you.

A Phoenix Law Firm Focused On Solutions

Our attorneys have extensive mediation experience. When you want to resolve a conflict by mediation, our attorney can put three decades of experience to work for you. We also have the experience to know that when you can negotiate solutions, you often have a far better outcome. 

Email us or call us at 602-857-9320 to learn more.

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We can create a positive outcome.
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