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Mother and Daughter


Guardianship And Conservatorship Services To Protect Your Interests

Many life changes leave you in need of assistance. You may find your elderly parents can no longer make reasonable decisions for themselves, or you need someone to take custody of your child.

Morse Law Group represents whose best interests need protection, as well as those wishing to establish legal authority over a loved one. When fraudulent claims of incapacitation for those capable of managing their affairs come to light, our lawyers fight unfounded accusations. You can count on our attorneys’ knowledge of Arizona’s guardianship and conservatorship laws. 


Contact us before you file a petition, build a case or contend your position in court.

Differentiating Between Well-Being And Financial Matters

Guardianship provides the least restrictive care of a child or incapacitated adult found legally unable to manage their affairs properly. For many, this is a path to temporarily taking over custody of a child; for others, it is a way to keep an incapacitated parent safe from fraud or abuse.


Guardians make decisions for wards in matters, including:

  • Safe housing arrangements

  • Professional services, such as legal advice

  • Appropriate and necessary medical care

  • Enrichment or educational opportunities

  • Social activities and interpersonal relationships


Meanwhile, conservatorship relates to the fiduciary management of a protected person’s financial matters.

Charting A Complicated Course

Guardianship and conservatorship are tools used for intervening in the life of a parent with Alzheimer’s, or whose illness caused incapacitation. However, as the person whose protection is in question, you have the right to challenge the petition. You may also contest if you believe you can better handle the challenges of serving in such a capacity.

In uncontested cases involving a minor, parents who recognize they are unable or unwilling to care for their child can voluntarily transfer temporary custody to another capable adult through a guardianship or conservatorship proceeding. In some cases, a family member such as an aunt, uncle or grandparent may accept responsibility for raising a child.

Secure The Representation You Need

Our firm understands the psychological needs of people in various stages of life. We prioritize establishing legal relationships for those who cannot clearly communicate or make sound decisions for themselves.

Tell us about your situation online or call 602-857-9320 if you need someone to care for your child or you wish to oversee your parent’s legal, medical or financial affairs.

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