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Legal Approaches To Domestic Violence In Your Home

Escalated emotions are common among people who live together. However, if disputes involve law enforcement and domestic violence allegations, a family law attorney is imperative in advocating for your safety, as well as your rights.

Since 1996, the attorneys at Morse Law Group have represented both family members in need of contesting allegations and those who wish to seek protection from their alleged abuser. Our lawyers regularly work with Phoenix area mental health professionals and Child Protective Services (CPS) and understand the multitude of ways domestic violence can factor into your family’s disputes. We welcome you to contact our firm to learn about our capacity to develop safe, appropriate terms for your unique situation.

How Can Charges Affect Your Family?

Abusive relationships often result in numerous challenges. Domestic violence can affect your family in various ways such as:

  • The dissolution of marriage
  • Child custody or support modifications to prevent further abuse
  • Orders of protection
  • A civil lawsuit to cover medical expenses
  • Unequal property division
  • Criminal charges

Allegations of domestic violence can hold serious implications for your family. No matter your situation, we will dedicate our background in psychology and more than 30 years of legal experience to helping you develop reasonable, safe resolution.

Why Is Representation Important After Charges Are Filed?

The district attorney is the only person who possesses the authority to drop domestic violence charges. A thorough investigation can help us build a case to protect your rights in court.

Meanwhile, if a domestic altercation leaves you fearful for your safety, and the safety of your children, you need to understand your legal options. Some circumstances merit precautionary measures to protect the well-being of your children. For example, a court may grant you or a child’s grandparents custodial rights, while terminating the rights of your parenting partner. In other cases, CPS may file a petition for dependency.

Get The Protection You Need

You may wish to file a protective order to prohibit an abuser from contacting you. However, unfounded accusations of domestic violence can put your future at risk.

No matter what your needs are, our firm will use the full extent of the justice system to seek favorable results for the best interests of those involved.

Complete our confidential online form or call 602-857-9320 now to get the legal guidance your family needs.