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Reasonable Protection For Your Property And Your Future

Engagement is traditionally an exciting time to plan for your future with the person you love. It also provides a chance to protect your interests, as well as your existing assets, for the unforeseeable future.

Based in Phoenix, Morse Law Group represents clients at both ends of the marital spectrum throughout Arizona. With over 30 years of experience, our family law attorneys can help you construct a reliable and enforceable prenuptial agreement, or prenup, that can withstand a potential challenge in the years to come. If you wish to protect your future, ask our lawyers about defining what you and your spouse will be entitled to if you, unfortunately, get divorced.

What Should You Know About Prenuptial Agreements?

State laws determine spousal maintenance and property division rights when you dissolve a marriage without a prenup in effect. We have the resources, tools and seasoned counsel necessary to help you draft a solid contract before you begin your marriage.

We will help you establish an agreement that:

  • Meets your personal goals
  • Adheres to the state’s established family law guidelines
  • Can hold up to a challenge in court
  • Is enforceable

Through experience, our legal team understands that the most vulnerable prenuptial agreements tend to be the ones where one spouse signs away the majority of his or her rights. A well-drafted prenup ought to protect you both.

Learn How To Protect Your Interests In Marriage

Before you sign an agreement or commit yourself to a spouse, it may be wise to consult with our firm. Our clear understanding of the legal terms required in a prenup, as well as our years of involvement handling divorce cases, can help you protect the future, on your terms.

Contact our office online or call 602-857-9320 now to schedule an appointment.