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Helping Clients Work With Child Protective Services (CPS)

Tragic situations arise every day where a child is left without parents that are able to properly care for him or her, or are removed by Child Protective Services from a dangerous environment only to become wards of the state. The best kind of care for a child comes in a loving home environment, and people regularly answer the call to assist with the life of a child.

In dependency cases, when the state obtains legal custody of children, the parties and the court must decide where to place the children. Working with the state and the juvenile courts, Morse Law Group can help you become a placement option for a child in Phoenix, Arizona.

A Plan That Puts A Child In Your Home

A petition for dependency seeks to make a child the ward of the state, but allows you to become the placement or the home for the child. Most commonly, this comes as a result of:

  • Abandonment
  • Neglect
  • Parental death
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • A parent’s mental illness or deficiency
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Parents being sent to prison

This is the time that the people who have been a part of a child’s life, whether an aunt, a grandparent or a family friend, can step forward and open up their home to a child in need.

Morse Law Group has been working on behalf of clients for more than three decades, and has built the experience and knowledge base to be an effective advocate for people who want to intervene on behalf of a child. We have made it a priority to help nonparental custodians open their homes to children, and we can help you.

Helping You Build Nonparental Custody Options

Along with guardianships and nonparental custody arrangements, dependencies are among the ways that nonparental custodians can help a child in need. Call our firm in Phoenix at 602-857-9320 or email us through this website to learn more about your legal options.