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Morse Law Group is a focused family law firm with decades of experience. We believe every family deserves a quality attorney who will work tirelessly on their clients’ behalf. We combine years of excellence and creative thinking to bring you the best possible results.

How Will You Achieve Your Family’s Best Possible Future?

At Morse Law Group, our legal team brings focused attention to your case. Whether you need a divorce or are working to find a stable co-parenting situation, our firm has the skills, experience and adaptability to find a solution that fits your family’s unique situation. Our attorneys work with you to:

  • Identify clear and reasonable goals that accurately reflect your needs
  • Evaluate your options, including courtroom litigation, mediation and collaborative law
  • Execute a strategy that works quickly to bring a stable solution to you and your loved ones

Our firm has helped families and residents find solutions that reflect their needs and wishes since 1996. You can trust us to guide you forward.

Bringing Collaborative And Peaceable Family Law Solutions To Families Throughout Phoenix And The Surrounding Communities

Is Alternative Dispute Resolution An Option For You?

We find that, in many cases, mediation and collaborative options provide a more personalized, resilient and less costly alternative to traditional litigation options. When we work with you and your ex to find a custom solution, we bring other benefits to the table, including:

The ability to fine-tune your custody agreement so that each parent has flexibility and clear expectations

Access to emotional support systems, including mental health professionals who can help bring a sense of closure to your life

Access to emotional support systems, including mental health professionals who can help bring a sense of closure to your life

Thousands of families will go to family of court this year. Many will walk away feeling unseen and like they had no control over their future. Our attorneys can help you avoid the courtroom when possible and have decades of trial experience if needed.

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Avvo Rating Excellent Featured Attorney Divorce
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